After the success of Batman and Batman Returns in 1989 and 1992, star Michael Keaton and director Tim Burton were set to return for a third Batman adventure, although it didn't quite work out. Warner Bros. wasn't a fan of Tim Burton's darker approach to the iconic character, and his version was discarded in favor of a lighter approach, which resulted in Joel Schumacher's 1995 adventure Batman Forever. More than 20 years later, images have surfaced from what may have been Michael Keaton's new Batsuit from Batman 3, although they may also just be unused designs from Batman Returns. found these images on the Brotherhood of the Bat forums, which reportedly came from Jose Fernandez, who sculpted "small armatures" of Michael Keaton in his new costume when he was still attached to the film. While the grey designs are much different than the all-black Batsuit in Batman and Batman Returns, it's possible these early costumes may have been painted black later on, but we don't know for sure. However, io9 reveals that these images may not have been from Tim Burton's unmade Batman movie after all.

Nailbiter 111 revealed that two of the images below can be found on the Batman Returns section of Ironhead Studio's website. Ironhead Studio is a shop specializing in props and costume design, and two of the three images clearly are from that site. It's possible that the third photo may in fact be from Batman 3, but that has yet to be confirmed. At any rate, check out the photos, then chime in with your thoughts on these costumes below.

Batman Photo 1
Batman Photo 2
Batman Photo 3