With all the hype over 3D lately, it seems that one future sequel isn't so keen on the idea. Cinematical recently spoke with cinematographer Wally Pfister, who shot both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for director Christopher Nolan, and it seems that the upcoming Batman 3 likely won't be shot in 3D.

"What Chris and I have talked about is doing something cool and something interesting," Pfister said. "[Director] Brad Bird was [saying] 'you've got to shoot the whole thing in IMAX!' I was like, yeah, I've talked to Chris about that."

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Ffister also talked about using IMAX for a sequence in The Dark Knight, despite how uncomfortable it was to shoot in the format, but he also acknowledged that the 3D fad might even pass by the time they shoot the film.

"I did it for one shot of The Dark Knight because he said, you have to say you did it, and literally I had this strapped to my shoulder and I was carrying it. But I think Chris is game for doing something interesting like that, Lord knows that the 3-D fad might pass by the time that summer comes around."

Pfister did know, for certain, though that they would shoot Batman 3 on film.

"But I know one thing about the film that Chris is adamant about is that he wants to shoot on film," Pfister said. "He doesn't want to shoot on video, and I'm the same way."