Those who've long wished to see Batman and Superman team-up on the big screen will soon be very happy, though it comes in a project no one could have ever anticipated. The iconic DC Comics superheroes, who will some day join live action forces for Justice League of America, will first get animated together in the upcoming CGI adventure LEGO: The Piece of Resistance.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directors of this past spring's hit action comedy 21 Jump Street, are taking the helm of this unique project, which will be made entirely of LEGO bricks (in CGI form). They have locked in Will Arnett as Batman, and are currently courting their former leading man Channing Tatum to take on the role of Superman. It is not known how the two characters play into the plot of the film, or how much screen time they will share.

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Chris Pratt headlines the voice cast of the film, playing Emmet, a LEGO mini-figurine who is mistaken for a "Master Builder". He is soon drafted into a fellowship of strangers and sets out on a quest to stop an evil force from gluing the world together.

We caught up with Phil Lord and Chris Miller late yesterday afternoon to chat about the release of their 21 Jump Street Blu-ray to find the two directors in the early stages of working on the film alongside co-director Chris McKay. Phil explained.

"[We are] in a recording session. We are doing a bunch of scratch voices for Lego: The Movie. We're currently doing the animatics."

He then went onto tell us this about the movie.

"It is Inception for children. It's a really crazy action movie made entirely out of Lego bricks. It will be really funny and really crazy. I'm trying to limit myself to two sentences. It is totally CGI, but it will all be photo real."

The film will reportedly be comprises of 80% LEGO. The script is from Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman.