Casting news for Justice League of America has been wildly speculated, but confirmed names are beginning to come out. We previously reported that Scott Palmer, Adam Brody and Common were confirmed for the roles of Superman, the Flash and Green Lantern, respectively.

Now from Empire Online and IESB we have it confirmed that supermodel Megan Gale will be playing the Amazon Princess, Wonder Woman, and that Arnie Hammer will take the role of Batman.

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Arnie Hammer is an imposing 6' 5" tall young man who has previously been seen on Desperate Housewives and Veronica Mars. He's a young looking guy, but his height and strong jaw might work perfectly beneath the Batman's cape and cowl.

Megan Gale is a well-known supermodel in Australia, and previously appeared in the film Stealth as Dr. Orbit's secretary. She certainly has the right look for the part of Wonder Woman, though it remains to be seen if she can properly capture the Amazonian Princess's majestic aura.

If all of these casting announcements prove to be true, it looks like the major roles for Justice League of America are nearly complete. We will see whether or not George Miller will be able to complete the film in time for it's originally announced 2010 release date.