According to SCI FI, Batman Begins producer Charles Roven has stated that other than original Director Christopher Nolan committing to a sequel, all systems are full steam ahead for a sequel.

"We all hope there is going to be another one," Roven said while conducting an interview for the upcoming The Brothers Grimm, which he produced and the famed Terry Gilliam directed. "We're waiting for Chris Nolan to declare himself. We will do it after he does that."

Christian Bale has signed on to reprise his role as have Michael Caine, Katie Holmes and Gary Oldman stated Roven. He said that another Batman movie could be made without Nolan directing, but he would much rather have the esteemed director on board

"The point is that the studio owns the franchise, and they can do without any of us," Roven said. "But it was a spectacular experience with Chris [Nolan], and he kept everyone involved and was very collaborative. So we hope it will happen again with him."

Inititally was thought that red hot Steve Carrell (The Daily Show, The 40 Year Old Virgin) might be playing the role of the Joker. Roven said that this wasn’t true and that he and Carrell are currently working together on a remake of the TV series, Get Smart.