Ohio resident Bruce Wayne (yes, that is his legal name), celebrated his 500th day of eating Chipotle in a row by dressing up as Batman. The previous world record for eating the fast food burrito chain was 425 days, which Wayne accomplished in late December. Since then, Wayne has called the last 75 days a "victory lap" in setting the new world record, which he also calls an "amazing journey." Bruce Wayne in his Batman costume was joined by a little friend who he calls "Batman Jr." for his last day of eating Chipotle.

Bruce Wayne started his journey of eating Chipotle everyday back in September of 2016 and has become his local restaurant's ambassador for bringing in so much publicity to the chain. Wayne documented his diet everyday through his Instagram page by posting a picture of the food that he ate, accompanied by the receipt. As previously notes, the original record was 425 days in a row for Chipotle, but Wayne has smashed that record and is now on to a new adventure that he has teased.

It isn't clear where Bruce Wayne will bring his tenacity to next, but he has confirmed that he is finished with Chipotle for now. Wayne also acts as a Batman impersonator around the state of Ohio, often making appearances at birthday parties for children. When he reached the 426-day record, Chipotle decided to donate all the money Wayne spent at the restaurant to a charity of his choosing. Chipotle has since given a $4,260 donation to Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment of Seneca County, in honor of the average $10 that Bruce Wayne paid during each visit.

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Bruce Wayne started day one at his local Chipotle dressed as The Dark Knight and finished day 500 in the very same outfit. Surprisingly, it still fits. Wayne joked with reporters, telling them that the "leather was forgiving." As for what he ordered every day, it would change up quite a bit. Some of the days (but not very many) were strictly chips and salsa days while most of the 500-day journey was dedicated to burrito bowls and quesadillas. Bruce Wayne has had everything on the menu since he started his record-breaking 500 days of Chipotle .

Bruce Wayne will embark on a new mission, but he has not stated what that mission will be yet. Hopefully he does something like goes to the gym for 500 straight days to work off the damage that he did to his body for eating 500 days of Chipotle. One has to wonder what the effects to Wayne's body were while starting his journey and then ending it after a year straight of eating the fast food burrito chain. Regardless, Bruce Wayne has lived through his Chipotle mission and is off to find a new record to tackle. You can check out his 500th day of Chipotle, dressed as Batman, below, courtesy of Mr. Wayne the Bat's Instagram account.

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