A copy of the very first appearance of Batman has sold for a record breaking $1.5 million at auction. The comic book is the most expensive ever sold featuring the Dark Knight. The previous record was at just over $1 million back in 2010. The comic in question is 1939's Detective Comics No. 27, and this version is unrestored, graded at "fine/very fine 7.0" by Certified Guaranty Company. This particular grading is one of only two 7.0 copies in the world, which makes it even more valuable.

As for the jaw-dropping price, Barry Sandoval, Heritage Auctions vice president, said he is not at all surprised by how the auction turned out. "After all, this is one of the best copies you will ever see of one of the most important comic books ever published," said Sandoval. This is the very first time that Bob Kane introduced the world to Batman, who is now one of the biggest superheroes of all time.

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While the $1.5 million auction is a record breaker for the Batman comic books sold by Heritage, it is not the highest that a fan has paid for a comic book. That honor goes to a 9.0 copy of Action Comics No. 1, which is the first appearance of Superman. In 2014, that comic book sold for $3.2 million on eBay. The world of comic books is only getting bigger, thanks in part to Marvel Studios and DC pumping out some of the biggest movies of all time, based on the most popular comic book characters ever created.

Director Matt Reeves is currently working to introduce a new version of the Dark Knight on the big screen in The Batman. Robert Pattinson is taking on the role this time around, after a long list of actors have turned in worthy performances. Michael Keaton and Christian Bale seem to be the frontrunners from the big screen adaptations, with Ben Affleck gaining more popularity over time. As for how Pattinson will be received, that is unclear at the moment, though the first trailer for The Batman got a huge response from DC fans who are now very interested to see what Reeves and Pattinson were able to pull off together.

The Batman is currently still filming in the U.K. and was recently spotted in the Chicago area for some stunt work. While the movie will come out and, more than likely, get a new generation into the character, the comic books will always be there waiting for new fans to come along. Comic books often provide young readers with their first positive experiences with learning to read and getting into sharing their own stories. While they won't be reading a $1.5 million first edition, that comic book is still available to read online, thanks to archivists. The Hollywood Reporter was one of the first outlets to report on the record breaking comic book auction.