Batman was a dormant property for several years before Christopher Nolan revitalized the franchise nearly 10 years ago with Batman Begins, followed by the mega-blockbuster The Dark Knight in 2008 and the trilogy finale The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. While many fans had hoped he would continue on with the franchise, fans will get a whole new Dark Knight next year when Ben Affleck's Batman squares off against Henry Cavill's Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Still, many fans have cherished memories of Christopher Nolan's trilogy, and while it seems unlikely that the filmmaker will tackle the superhero genre again, he recently told fans at the Tribeca Film Festival, courtesy of Long Live Cinema, which scene was his favorite to shoot in the entire trilogy. His answer may surprise you, as he picks the opening scene of the final trilogy film The Dark Knight Rises, which finds Bane highjacking an airplane. He states:

"It [opening sequence of The Dark Knight Rises] took us about two days in Scotland. And it was an incredible sort of coming together of months and months of planning by a lot of different members of the team who worked for months rehearsing these parachute jumps and wind walking, all these different things... The visual effects work in the sequence is very minimal... I was really amazed by what the team we had put together had achieved using very sort of old-fashioned methods, in a way. I was very proud of the way that came together."
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If you're not familiar with the scene in question, of if you just need a refresher course, the director is talking about the scene where Bane (Tom Hardy) and his team literally hi-jack a plane while in mid-air. Surprisingly, the director's admission that there are very few visual effects makes the scene that much more impressive. While the fans' reception to The Dark Knight Rises wasn't nearly as great as its predecessor, The Dark Knight, it's not hard to see why this scene was his favorite to shoot. Take a look at the video below, and let us know which scene in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy is your favorite.