DC Comics is going all out to ensure its first virtual convention dedicated solely to DC entertainment properties has a starry list of guests that appeal to the broadest range of fans. Recently, fans noticed that Batman Forever star Val Kilmer is also on the guest list, which has kickstarted speculations that the actor might be making a formal announcement regarding the release of the 'Schumacher cut'.

For those out of the loop, the 'Schumacher cut' is the alleged director's cut of Batman Forever created by Joel Schumacher, which was the more detailed and superior version of the movie released in theaters after cuts and edits were made by the producers. Fans have been demanding that Warner Bros. follow in the footsteps of Zack Snyder's Justice League in releasing the 'Schumacher cut' on HBO Max. Previously, writer Marc Bernardin had revealed the director's cut of Batman Forever did indeed exist, and why it would be worth watching.

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"I have it on pretty good authority that there exists in the Warner Bros. vault a 170-minute cut of Batman Forever. I think that it went much deeper into his childhood psychosis and his mental blocks and that it was a more serious, darker version of that movie that was one of the first assemblies that Joel filed with the studio and they eventually cut it down because they were like 'it's too dark for kids. We gotta sell these Happy Meals, so maybe let's not invest ourselves in the trauma of childhood murder. We've got Jim Carrey, let him do some s--t."

Of course, the participation of Val Kilmer in DC FanDome may turn out to have nothing to do with the 'Schumacher cut'. Which brings up another piece of fan speculation, that Kilmer may be announcing his entry into the DCEU as an older Bruce Wayne.

It has long been reported that Michael Keaton was being courted by Warner Bros. to play an older version of his character from Tim Burton's Batman movies in the DCEU. Then it was reported that the talks apparently fell through, and Warner had set its sights on Christian Bale for the same part.

It is possible that Kilmer might instead be taking over the role of an older Batman in the DCEU, who no longer wears the suit, but instead acts as the elder statesman of the superhero world, akin to Nick Fury's role in the MCU. Fans would get their hit of nostalgia in seeing Kilmer return to the part of Batman, and the actor would get to play the character without putting on the bat costume, an aspect of the role that Kilmer has stated in the past prevented him from doing his work since the costume becomes the only thing people focus on.

"That's why it's so easy to have five or six Batmans. It's not about Batman. There is no Batman."

Whether Kilmer is coming to DC FanDome to announce the 'Schumacher cut', his own entry into the DCEU, or simply to say hi to fans, the answer will be provided on the 22nd of August, when the event officially kicks off.