It was the week of the Bat as Batman material flew off the shelves on DVD and Blu-Ray, as buzz for The Dark Knight carried over into home video. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the animated, straight-to-video Batman: Gotham Knight took the top spot in DVD sales and a new limited edition of Batman Begins came right behind it in second place, in the week ending July 13. The Batman: Gotham Knight bridges the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, which hits theaters this Friday, July 18.

While both Batman discs had little presence on the rental charts, their dominance continued in 1080p, but in reverse. Batman Begins was the top-selling Blu-Ray disc, while Batman: Gotham Knight finished in second place on the BD charts.

On the rental side, last weeks top seller and rental, Vantage Point, retained the rental crown for a second week, but slipped to third in sales this week behind both Batman discs.

Two other newbies found themselves on the top 10 in both charts last week as well. The Ruins and Stop-Loss took third and fourth in the rental charts this week, behind #2 rental holdover Drillbit Taylor. The Ruins also placed fourth on the DVD sales charts while Stop-Loss took ninth place in DVD sales.