Is Karl Urban the man for the job if Ben Affleck retires as Batman? Director Matt Reeves is still attached to write and direct The Batman for Warner Bros., but Justice League's ultimate disappointment left a great many things uncertain in regards to the future of the live-action DC movie universe. For one, it's still unclear if Affleck will return as the Caped Crusader and how much longer he'll dawn the cape and cowl. If/when he leaves, some fans have suggested Urban would make a good fit and now he's addressed that possibility.

As is often the case with things like this, Star Trek and Dredd star Karl Urban hasn't heard anything about this. In any case, in a recent interview, he was asked about his feelings towards playing Batman and, though he seemed a little blindsided by the question, he makes it clear that he's open to anything, if the script and creative team feels right. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"Oh, really? Wow. I don't know. I haven't really contemplated that. Usually the way the process works for me is I get sent projects, sent scripts and I read them, meet with the filmmakers and really on that basis choose to get involved. As far as Batman goes, I guess my favorite Batman movie was The Dark Knight. Chris Nolan is just an extraordinary director and I thought Christian Bale was a fantastic Batman and obviously with such talent like Heath Ledger that was the perfect comic book movie right there. So, I don't know, I'm open to any and all opportunities."

Karl Urban is no stranger to franchises, having starred in the recent Star Trek movies and Lord of the Rings, so he's not afraid to commit to a part if it's right. And Batman is one of the biggest roles around. That said, there's no indication that Warner Bros. or The Batman director Matt Reeves have Urban on their list. And at 45-years-old, he may be a bit too old to just now be taking on the role, assuming the studio wants someone who can commit to it long term this time around. But it's also easy to see why fans would suggest Urban for the part. He's got the physique and the right set of skills to pull such a thing off.

As of right now, The Batman doesn't have a release date and it very well may still have Ben Affleck as the titular DC hero. There's also the Flashpoint movie, which could wind up serving as a big reset button for the DC movie universe. We'll have to see how that all shakes out. As for who may take over if Affleck splits? Jack Gyllenhaal's name has been reported, but we've also heard that John Hamm is interested. Maybe Urban's name should be added to Warner Bros.' list? For more with Karl Urban, you can check out the full interview over at JoBlo.