Back in April, Warner Bros. finally confirmed that Ben Affleck is starring and directing in a new Batman Reboot, with the actor/filmmaker working on the script with Geoff Johns. No plot details have been confirmed yet, but there have been plenty of interesting tidbits released thus far, with Ben Affleck revealing he will be working from a largely original story that will implement certain moments from the comic books. Today we have yet another juicy rumor, which claims that Batman himself will be thrown into Arkham Asylum.

The report comes from Batman On Film, with the site cautioning this information hasn't been confirmed. Still, the site's sources wouldn't say how the Dark Knight gets locked up in Arkham Asylum, or how long he will be spending inside the prison. However, the site's sources did clarify that they don't believe the movie is a direct adaptation of Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Earth, or the popular Arkham Asylum video game series.

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Another report from May revealed that this story will not feature the Red Hood, as many had speculated after the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but there will be several iconic villains, with Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns setting out to create the "definitive Batman movie." Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice heavily teased that Batman's sidekick Robin was killed by The Joker, which may be why Batman puts in an appearance in Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad, where the Dark Knight is seen riding atop the Joker's sports car.

As of now, no other cast members besides Ben Affleck have been confirmed, but just last week, Ben Affleck's longtime friend Matt Damon revealed he would only play a superhero if he was being directed by Affleck. Many have wondered if there might be a role for Matt Damon in this untitled Batman reboot, and what he may be playing. Both actors haven't been seen on the big screen together in over a decade, since Matt Damon's brief cameo in Ben Affleck's 2004 film Jersey Girl.

Warner Bros. hasn't set a release date for this untitled Batman project quite yet, but in April, the studio did set aside October 5, 2018 and November 1, 2019 release dates for two unspecified DC Comics adaptations. Many fans believe that one of those projects will be this Batman reboot, but it hasn't been confirmed quite yet. It's possible that Warner Bros. makes a few surprise announcements regarding this movie during their Hall H Comic-Con panel on Saturday, July 23, but we'll have to wait and see.