Warning! SPOILERS Ahead! After Ben Affleck's Batman debuts in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next year, we know he'll also make an appearance in Suicide Squad and then in Justice League Part 1 and Justice League Part 2. With four appearances over three years, you may think that would be enough to tide Batman fans over for awhile. But it seems we may be getting even more of The Dark Knight. Today we have a report from Latino-Review that claims Warner Bros. is also developing a standalone Batman movie, which Ben Affleck will both star in and direct, debuting in 2018.

The movie is reportedly called The Batman, with Ben Affleck directing from a script by Chris Terrio. Terrio wrote the revised script for Batman v Superman and is also writing Justice League Part 1 and Justice League Part 2. The writer also won an Oscar for writing Best Picture winner Argo, which Ben Affleck directed.

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We first reported on The Batman last June, but we have yet to hear any confirmation from the studio. This new report claims that it will be released in November 2018, which is interesting because that would be pitting it against Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel, set for release on November 2, 2018. While Warner Bros. surely won't put this Batman movie on the same date, putting it in November would still likely hamper Captain Marvel's box office numbers.

If this unconfirmed report is true, that would give Warner Bros. and DC three 2018 movies, following The Flash (March 23, 2018) and Aquaman (July 27, 2018). Naturally, we have no clue what the story of The Batman will entail, but it's possible that Warner Bros. will officially announces these plans for the movie at their Comic-Con presentation in just a few short weeks. Are you looking forward to Ben Affleck in his own solo Batman movie?