Just hours ago, Justice League star Ben Affleck posted a new video from the set, which gave us our first look at Deathstroke. Sadly, we still do not know who is playing this iconic villain in Justice League, but whoever is underneath that iconic mask will be sticking around in the DCEU for at least one more movie. A new report has surfaced that Deathstroke will in fact be the main villain in director/star/writer Ben Affleck's upcoming Batman Reboot.

The report comes from The Wrap, which reveals Deathstroke's presence in the Batman Reboot, but doesn't reveal who will be playing this villain. It's possible that Deathstroke is being played by Colin Farrell, who we reported last month is in talks for a mystery role in Justice League. It isn't known how large or small Deathstroke's role is in this movie, but it's possible he'll merely be introduced in Justice League before moving on to a much bigger role in the Batman Reboot.

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Deathstroke was most recently portrayed on the small screen by Manu Bennett in The CW's Arrow, who was part of that show's version of the Suicide Squad. The CW's Suicide Squad hasn't returned since Warner Bros.' started putting together their DCEU version of Suicide Squad, and earlier this year, executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed on social media that Deathstroke won't be returning to Arrow because he's "tied up in another DC project." Most assumed that project is a new DCEU movie, but it was never confirmed.

Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke, was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez back in 1980, first appearing in The New Teen Titans #2. Due to the character's growing popularity, he received his own standalone comic book series in 1991, which ran for 65 issues. He was originally created as a villain for the Teen Titans, but he has clashed with Batman on numerous occasions. Their first encounter was in the 1991 standalone arc City of Assassins where he savagely beat up the Dark Knight.

Last month, rumors surfaced that most of the Batman reboot will be set in Arkham Asylum. It's certainly possible that Deathstroke is locked away in Arkham Asylum when the movie begins, or that he ultimately gets locked up in this facility after doing battle with Batman. Of course, none of these details have been confirmed, so stay tuned for more on this Batman Reboot as soon as more details come in. In the meantime, take a look at the video Ben Affleck released on social media featuring our first look at Deathstroke on the Justice League set.