DC fans are at it again, but they aren't petitioning to have Rotten Tomatoes shut down this time around. Shia LaBeouf apparently flirted with a role in David Ayer's Suicide Squad, with the role ultimately going to Scott Eastwood. Now, fans want him to take on a completely different role in the DC Extended Universe and one fan in particular has started a petition to try and make that happen. If these fans have their way, Shia LaBeouf will play Jason Todd aka The Red Hood in the DCEU. Perhaps in the Ben Affleck directed Batman Reboot? The question is, should he?

A petition has popped up on Change.org, which as of this writing has more than 1,000 signatures. The petition was started by a user going by the seemingly appropriate name of 'Redhoodinc' and it is calling for Warner Bros. to rethink their decision on not casting Shia LaBeouf in the DCEU. Though, instead of an ancillary supporting role, the fans who are backing this petition want the eccentric actor to take on the role of Red Hood, who is a major villain in the history of DC Comics and whose existence in the DCEU has already been teased. Here is some of the reasoning that 'Redhooinc' included in his petition for why Shia LaBeouf should get the role.

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"Shia Labeouf is willing to go the distance to be the best that his character can be in recent films. Its a opportunity for him to show the world what an amazing actor he can truly be if you Just give him a chance to Be this character help him get from one of the most looked down upon actors in Hollywood to one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood because of this role."

While we can't give redhoodinc any points for his excellent grammar or spelling, we can say that he does make a couple of seemingly fair points. Anyone who has seen movies like Fury or Charlie Countryman knows that Shia LaBeouf actually does have some serious acting chops, despite his often distracting off screen antics. Redhoodinc also cited the initial backlash against Ben Affleck as Batman, which has mostly turned into praise since, as a reason the casting decision could actually work. He also seems to think that Shia LaBeouf and the character of Red Hood are very similar, which would make the casting choice perfect as well. However, he didn't cite any specific perceived similarities.

For those who may not know, the villain Red Hood is an adversary of Batman who is actually the second Robin, Jason Todd. The Joker was thought to have killed Jason Todd, but instead when he returns from the grave, he takes up the mantle of Red Hood and becomes a villain, enraged with Batman for not seeking revenge on his death. Jason Todd's Robin costume was seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was covered in graffiti by The Joker. David Ayer later confirmed that this was indeed Jason Todd's costume and that The Joker had killed him. So the groundwork is there for Red Hood to arrive in one of the DC movies.

Shia LaBeouf was deemed too crazy by Warner Bros. on a first look when it came to Suicide Squad, but the character of Red Hood could use a little bit of crazy. It is unlikely that the 1,500 signatures the petition is aiming for would do anything to sway the studio, but who knows? If you actually want to see this happen, redhoodinc has also started the hashtag #shiaforredhood, which you can use on social media to support the casting choice. Red Hood aka Jason Todd is surely going to appear in the DCEU at some point, but the question is, will Shia LaBeouf play him? Probably not. But hey, crazier things have happened.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott