Ryan Gosling says that he would star in The Batman only if La La Land director Damien Chazelle helmed the project. Gosling and Chazelle have worked together twice, with the inclusion of First Man, which they are out promoting at the moment. The two are looking to return to the success of their first collaboration on La La Land, which earned a record-breaking 14 Academy Award nominations. They're already off to a good start because there is already buzz about First Man getting a Best Picture nomination.

In a new interview promoting First Man, Ryan Gosling was asked if he'd ever take on the role of Batman. As a response, Gosling laughed out loud for a while before stating that he would love to see Damien Chazelle direct a movie about the Caped Crusader, which was obviously a joke. Chazelle nervously turned the focus of the interview back to the current project that they are promoting. While the idea of Gosling and Chazelle ever doing a Batman film will more than likely never happen, it doesn't mean that Gosling couldn't play the part.

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Back when rumors about Ben Affleck leaving Matt Reeves' The Batman started to spread, Ryan Gosling's name was floated around, along with Jake Gyllenhaal. However, it's still a mystery if Affleck will return to the role, though nothing has been announced officially at this time. Gosling has yet to take on a superhero movie yet, but he seems to have the acting chops to pull just about anything off, from drama to comedy.

First Man recently premiered at the Venice Film Festival to a three-minute standing ovation. However, it was revealed that Damien Chazelle decided to leave out the legendary moment when Ryan Gosling's Neil Armstrong plants the American flag on the moon, which sparked some controversy. On the red carpet for the event, Gosling noted that they left that scene out to promote the amazing moment as a "human achievement," as opposed to an American achievement. Armstrong's sons have backed the movie and the decision, while Buzz Aldrin, who was also on the lunar mission, threw shade at the movie on social media.

First Man opens in theaters on October 12th, so we'll have to see if people still remember the controversy by then. As to Ryan Gosling and Damien Chazelle teaming up for a Batman movie, that's not going to happen. Chazelle doesn't seem like the director who would want to take on a superhero film. Plus, he has a pretty busy schedule ahead of him after the promotional campaign for First Man is finished with projects for both Netflix and Apple. That doesn't mean that Gosling won't take on the role of Bruce Wayne in the future. Who knows, maybe he can do a character study like Joaquin Phoenix is doing with the Joker movie. You can check out the interview below, provided by the Variety Twitter account.