Next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will serve as the launching pad for Warner Bros.' DC Comics universe, which will include stand alone movies for Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, along with Justice League Part 1 and Justice League Part 2. Many were surprised that the initial lineup of movies didn't include solo outings for Ben Affleck's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman. A report from August claimed that the studio may be putting together a deal for Ben Affleck to direct and star in a new stand alone Batman trilogy. Today we have a new report from JoBlo, which offers more details about this solo Batman movie, which may feature the iconic villain Red Hood.

In the DC Comics, Red Hood was formerly Jason Todd, the second Robin sidekick to Batman, after Dick Greyson. Jason Todd was brutally killed by The Joker in the iconic 1988 comic Death in the Family, before he was eventually resurrected through the Lazarus Pit, transforming into the vengeful character known as the Red Hood. The Red Hood went on to become an important character in the comics as an anti-hero who became part of The Dark Knight's rogue's gallery.

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The report from August claimed that Ben Affleck is developing this story with DC's Geoff Johns, and if this new report is accurate, the writers will be adapting both the Death in the Family and Under the Red Hood comics. The Red Hood character is described as DC's "answer" to Marvel's The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), a character who started out as a sidekick before transforming into an evil villain. This new story will reportedly feature The Dark Knight facing both The Joker and The Red Hood.

The Batman Reboot will follow Jason Todd, who has returned from the grave and is posing as Batman, trying to portray him as a villain, while leaving clues to his real identity for Batman to decipher. This will all lead to a confrontation between Batman, The Joker and The Red Hood, with The Joker described as a "primary villain" alongside Red Hood. As for the first Robin, Dick Greyson, he is expected to be referenced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but not seen, although he will show up in the solo film as Nightwing, helping Batman battle The Red Hood and The Joker.

The latest trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showed Bruce Wayne gazing at Robin's costume, which had a message from The Joker written on it. This implies that he still mourns the death of his sidekick, and it could set the table for this solo movie featuring Batman, The Joker and The Red Hood. It isn't known how closely Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns will be adapting these stories, but hopefully we'll find out new details soon. Are you excited to see The Red Hood and The Joker in the new Batman Reboot?