Get ready to laugh. Hard. And then wonder just what the hell is going on. Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, is no stranger to controversy. And he often likes to court it on all his social media channels. Well, folks, today he truly outdid himself with a little music video he simply likes to call Batman.

Perhaps the actor is feeling a bit despondent after Netflix canceled his series The Get Down. Or maybe he's struggling with some hardcore inner demons we, as mere humans, simply cannot understand. Jaden is, after all, an extraterrestrial vampire who can transcend the walls of space and time. He's not from the future, and he's not from the past. He is a transcendental light being of the moment. And you would know all this if you read his outrageous and often hilarious tweets that just seem to flow out of him on a non-stop basis.

Perhaps the kid is a genius? Who are we to discredit that notion? Jaden Smith came under-fire when he donned a white Batman outfit. He still has that costume, and has now decided to wear it in his very own Batman music video. The video kicks off with Jaden waking up in a field of grass, next to his phone. Disoriented, he sees the Bat-Signal calling to him from afar, as he spazzes out for no apparent reason, repeating the F word to himself.

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Obsessed with a glass of ice water, which he swirls obsessively, 'Mr. Wayne' hops in his car and heads back to the office. There, he gives Morrissey's 'Boys Don't Cry' a subtle shout out, writing the word 'Batman' on his glass walls, which bumps up against the words 'Euro' and 'Msfts' for no apparent reason. We then get to see Jaden doing a little bit of homoerotic shirtless wrestling with a dude, and some jump-roping. This all before the song kicks in, which is a rap that repeats the word 'Batman' at a tortured pace.

We get to watch Jaden both in and out of his white Batman costume running around Hollywood and the outlying area, as he continues to provide his stunning rap skills. It's either the most brilliant piece of art you've ever witnessed or a desperate cry for help that will leave you laughing when you might should call the kid some help, instead. Who knows?

Perhaps the best moments come when Bruce Bat, as Jaden is listed in the credits, must confront Superman and Batman on the Hollywood Walk of fame. These are clearly the street performers who linger here in real life. Their faces are all blurred out. And they play along, having no idea that they are tussling with Will Smith's kid. We're sure some of this footage will wind up on a cringe complication in the ensuing days.

It's fun to watch as performance art. And some of it's really funny. Jaden is still very young, and should be given the benefit of the doubt. He's an artist, and he's indulging in that the only way a kid with billionaire parents knows how. I'm sure a lot of you did way more embarrassing things when you were his age. It's just in today's society there is a last socio-pop footprint that is left on the Internet that will never be scrubbed out. It will be interesting to hear what Jaden has to say about this in ten or twenty years. You can watch for yourself thanks to Nostalgic Jams Youtube Channel. Perhaps this is his unique way of paying tribute to TV's Batman, Adam West, who passed away this past weekend. Whatever is going on here, let's just hope that his parents understand.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange