IT is about to hit the fan. Again. Yesterday we got a Joker Vs. Pennywise fan trailer that was a short tease bringing the two villains together for the ultimate showdown. The Joker must have lost, cause now it looks like Pennywise is the new clown in town. And he's taking over Gotham. Out of the shadows comes Bruce Wayne to save the day. And it's the ultimate battle to the death. This two minute fan trailer gives us a lot more than yesterday's neat treat did. But let's be honest, we're all almost at the end of our rope when it comes to this damn dancing clown, right?

Sure, sure, Pennywise had a good run at the box office, with IT breaking records for two weekends straight to beat The Exorcist as the biggest horror movie release of all time. But it's about time for Pennywise to jump back in that drain pipe for his hibernation sleep. It won't be 27 years until we see him again, though. As IT: Chapter 2 will likely be in theaters by 2019. And in that two year span of time, we're probably going to get a thousand Pennywise mash-up videos. We're almost positive that there's a Stranger Things Vs. Pennywise mashup being worked on right now.

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But first, fans have to get this Batman Vs. Pennywise obsession out of their systems. As far as fan trailers go, using preexisting footage from various Batman movies and the handful of IT trailers and clips, this is pretty good. We get to watch Bruce Wayne as he's tormented by Pennywise the Dancing Clown. It's not necessarily a fight to the death. But come on, if a handful of kids with nothing more than their summer clothes on their back can defeat this joker, Batman can lay waste to the painted fool from an alternate dimension.

Bill Skarsgard's version of the murderous clown is unsettling and scary, but he's not really all that effective at killing kids when you think about it. At least not the Losers' Club. He eats one, the youngest, and the rest make a meal of his spine, sending him back to wherever he came from. Sure, he kills Owen Teague, which is a damn shame, cause that kid has a bright future ahead of himself in movies. But Teague's character is kind of the Denny Dimwitt of the bunch. And they need a body count, or what fun would it all be.

This mash-up comes from Adeel of Steel, who does a nice job editing the footage into something that is clever and fun to watch. Batman provides the right dark nature for this IT crossover mashup to work, since we'll never see these characters actually meet on the big screen. You can watch Batman and Pennywise go at each other in the embed we've included here. Then you can rush back out to theaters to watch IT as it crushes its way through a third weekend, going up against the likes of Kingsman 2 and Lego Ninjago. IT is a certified phenomenon. And we have videos like this to prove IT! Yeah, I know you see what I did there.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange