The Dark Knight Rises put director Christopher Nolan's Batman series to bed, with Warner Bros. and DC Comics making it quite clear that they plan to reboot the franchise in the coming years.

Today, we have some industry insider news that suggests this new Untitled Batman Reboot franchise will be launched by the upcoming Justice League of America movie. The hope is that Bruce Wayne's next big screen incarnation ties into DC's overall cinematic arc.

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The Justice League movie is said to be planned as Warner Bros. and DC's next big comic book tent pole after Man of Steel, with the winds pointing towards Henry Cavill's Superman as the leader of the group.

Batman on Film, a trusted source on all things happening in the Batman universe, brings us this news. Here's what they had to say.

"Said reboot will come after the JL film, not before. Therefore, the new cinematic Batman will be introduced in the JL film as opposed to a solo film. This would, according to my industry "FOBOF," assure the new Batman film series will be part of a "DC Cinematic Universe."

What do you Batfans think of this news? Are you happy to see Batman become a player in this wider ranging universe? Or would you rather see another visionary director such as Christopher Nolan tackle the material?

One good thing to come out of this is that we won't likely be treated to another boring origin movie.