Much like his Cobra Kai co-star Xolo Maridueña, actor Tanner Buchanan has his sights set on joining the DC cinematic universe. With Maridueña all set to play Jaime Reyes AKA Blue Beetle in the upcoming Blue Beetle movie on HBO Max, Buchanan now has his own superhero aspirations in mind, and would love to suit up as Robin alongside Robert Pattinson's The Batman.

" I've been a superhero fan my entire life. I'm a big comic guy, big superhero guy. Also, congratulations to Xolo, I did call him on the phone already, but congratulations to him because that's fantastic, you know the Latinx community is getting to shine a little bit in that world that hopefully continues. But yeah, the one I've recently wanted to play is maybe not a superhero but a sidekick: Robin. I really want to play Robin to Robert Pattinson's Batman. I'm very specific about what I want to do with that and then maybe go on to play Nightwing. I'll go down a deep hole if I keep talking about superheroes, so I'll leave it at that."
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There is currently no inclination that Robin will ever join the universe being created in The Batman, but should it ever happen, Tanner Buchanan already has the character's journey mapped out, with the actor wanting to begin the story as Robin before ditching the red and yellow and emerging as Nightwing. The Cobra Kai star is clearly passionate about the idea, and comic books in general, and with his star very much on the rise, Warner Bros. would be wise to take note of his interest.

For now, audiences continue to wait patiently for Robert Pattinson's first solo outing as The Dark Knight in The Batman. Directed by War for the Planet of the Apes' Matt Reeves, The Batman has been described as a noir-driven story and will more heavily incorporate the Caped Crusader's legendary detective skills. The story centers on a young Bruce Wayne during his second year of fighting crime. Bruce has become disheartened by the lack of impact he is having on crime in Gotham when suddenly a series of murders occur at the hands of The Riddler. Led down a path that will reveal dark secrets about his parents, Bruce is forced to confront the corruption going on in the shadows of his city, all while trying to catch The Riddler before he kills again. The Batman is currently scheduled for release in the United States on March 4, 2022.

Tanner Buchanan meanwhile will reprise his role as Robby Keene in the fourth season of Cobra Kai, which will find karate rivals Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso uniting for the first time to take down the villainous John Kreese. As well as having to learn to work with each other, the union of Daniel and Johnny will face another major challenge in season 4 as Kreese gets his own partner , The Karate Kid Part III's Terry Silver. Fans don't have to wait too long to return to the world of Cobra Kai, with a recent trailer revealing that Netflix will release the fourth season in December 2021. This comes to us from Cinemablend.