Last night, fans got their first look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman, courtesy of a new photo sent out by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder. It has long been rumored that Aquaman and other characters such as The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) will show up at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, to form the Justice League with Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). Not only will this lead to the two-part Justice League movie, but also standalone adventures for Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Green Lantern (who hasn't been cast yet). While we wait to see Aquaman and the rest of these characters in action, this photo not only confirms a few previous rumors about the character, but poses even more questions.

[1] The Trident

Jason Momoa <strong><em>Aquaman</em></strong> 1

Back in June, several months before Jason Momoa was finally confirmed as Aquaman following months of rumors, the actor posted a picture of himself on Instagram, where he's seen holding a pitchfork, which is very similar to Aquaman's trident. Rumors continued to swirl around the actor's involvement as Aquaman until he was finally confirmed in October, and as we finally see in last night's photo, Aquaman's trident will surely be present. In the DC Comics, the trident could be used to control the weather or transform living creatures, but it isn't known if these powers will be put on display in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Aquaman.

[2] Aquaman's Shark Teeth

Jason Momoa Tattoo

Jason Momoa is of Hawaiian descent, and he has a number of tattoos that celebrate his heritage, most notably, a shark teeth design on his left arm. Oddly enough, this tattoo is covered by an armored wrist bracer that has essentially the exact same design. The actor explained in an interview with Inked Magazine that the shark teeth tattoo represents his family deity, known as his aumakua.

"It's something my cousins all have, and it goes on the left side of your arm-it's like a guardian. It's basically like your power animal, whatever animal represents your family or your tribe. And ours is a shark, a mano. And then there are arrows that face out-out of your heart, that's what it represents."

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[3] The Rest of Aquaman's Tattoos

<strong><em>Aquaman</em></strong>'s Tattoos

As you can see in the image, the actor's body is covered with tattoos, with his left biceps covered in what appear to be scales of some kind. Underneath his neck we also see what appears to be the lines of a spear head, but the tattoos on his stomach and hands are the most interesting. The hand tattoos could possibly be an homage to Tiki tattoos, which may symbolize that Aquaman has turned his hands into the "mouths" of an unspecified deity. While the design is somewhat crude, the hand artwork appears to resemble the lips and tongue, but we don't know for certain. We're not sure what the stomach artwork could signify at this time, but hopefully we'll learn more soon./items

[4] The Hidden Aquaman Belt

<strong><em>Aquaman</em></strong> Belt

While it doesn't exactly stand out, eagle-eyed fans will be able to spot Aquaman's belt in this photo, which features his insignia that somewhat resembles the letter A. The belt insignia also could resemble the shark teeth and spear heads that appear in the numerous tattoos that cover the actor's body. The comic books have had several variations of the belt, but they always have some sort of a resemblance to the letter A.

[5] Aquaman's Armor and Weapon Strength

<strong><em>Aquaman</em></strong>'s Armor

Obviously, anyone who has seen Jason Momoa in Game of Thrones, The Red Road, or axe-fighting with Sylvester Stallone in Bullet to the Head, knows that the actor is quite a massive specimen. While Aquaman has been portrayed in the comics and animated movies as a blonde surfer type, Jason Momoa will give fans a much different version of this character. In fact, long before Aquaman was even confirmed, director Zack Snyder called in to a Detroit radio station while shooting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, after local DJ's were poking a little fun at Aquaman.

"You guys were disparaging, a little bit, Aquaman. I don't want to give anything away about the movie or anything like that, but Aquaman has some cool abilities. People are like, 'Oh what? Does he talk to animals? Because that seems like what he does. Or fish?' The cool thing with Aquaman is his Trident, so you have to realize that could cut the flesh of Superman if they came in contact. That's a thing that's in the canon. He's super strong because, of course, he can exist at these super deep depths. So when he comes up here, he's crazy strong. Anyway, not to say he's in my movie or anything like that, but he has the potential to be bad ass, that's all I'm saying."

Obviously, this version of Aquaman is not one to be trifled with. It remains to be seen whether or not Aquaman will actually cut the flesh of Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Justice League, but the potential is certainly there for for a showdown between these characters, especially if rumors are true that Aquaman is upset with Superman after all the damage he created in Man of Steel.

[6] Unite the Seven

Justice League

In the comic books, Arthur Curry/Aquaman is the king of the Seven Seas, but the phrase Unite the Seven could possibly have another meaning as well. The Trident used by Aquaman is one of the Seven Relics of Atlantis, powerful items that have been scattered among the sea by Arthur and some of his trusted allies. This could hint that Aquaman's story revolves the hero trying to bring these relics all back together. It's possible that Unite the Seven could also refer to the Justice League itself, and that Aquaman may be instrumental in bringing together Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and Green Lantern to form the Justice League. Naturally, nothing has been confirmed, but we'll have to wait and see what "Unite the Seven" truly means.

Is there anything else you noticed in the Aquaman photo that is worth mentioning? Are you pleased with Jason Momoa's tattooed look as this integral Justice League character? Take a look at the image, and chime in with your thoughts below.