The Licensing Expo started today in Las Vegas, where Warner Bros. has put the new Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on display. Of course, we have seen plenty of the Batmobile before, in both official images from the studio and photos and videos from the set, but today we actually get a rare glimpse inside the vehicle itself, along with a brief video where we can hear the Batmobile's engines actually fire up. We also have new specs for the vehicle that were on display at the Licensing Expo, which you can check out below.

Single-handedly designed and fabricated in near complete seclusion by The Batman, this infamous pursuit and capture vehicle has earned its reputation as the apex predator on the mean streets of Gotham City. Over powered with an unmatched hybrid of prototype military and civilian performance technologies, this top machine has been estimated to reach speeds of up to 205 MPH. The Batmobile's imposing defense capabilities, supported by stolen Wayne Industries technologies, have been integrated with the latest in covert military grade armaments, stealth and active protection systems.


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- Twin .50 caliber retractable machine gun turret

- Fully armored

- Stealth-capable

- Active Protection Systems/Anti-ballistics

- 20 ft. long/12 ft. wide

- 7000 lbs.

We only got a brief glimpse of the Batmobile in the first official trailer that debuted back in April, but we have seen plenty of this vehicle in action on the set of Suicide Squad. Do you think the next trailer will give us a better look at the Batmobile in action? Check out the photos and the brief video below, and stay tuned for more on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.