It's been a busy week for the new Batmobile. Director Zack Snyder moved into night shoots on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this week, with work scheduled to end tonight. Throughout the week, /batman-superman-dawn-justice-batmobile-photos/we saw the first paparazzi images revealing the Dark Knight's new ride in full. Shortly there after, Zack Snyder gave us an /batman-v-superman-batmobile-photo/official look at Batman's redesigned set of wheels, which comes complete with gun turrets. And just /batman-v-superman-batmobile-video/this morning, we got to see a very quick video of the Batmobile in action as it went racing down the road. Now comes news that one of the Batmobiles being used on set has gone missing, and it's believed to have been stolen by Detroit locals.

Warner Bros. has not confirmed this report, which goes onto warn about the dangers of shooting in the dangerous Detroit area, which, as of 2014, has the highest crime rate of any American city. The news, if true, does not bode well for the area or potential productions eyeing the town for its tax incentives.

Security has been tight around the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set, but not tight enough. While a lot of the video and photos we've seen come out of the production have been taken from distances reported to be 300 feet away from the actual action, it looks like some enterprising criminals were smart enough to get close and make off with one of the coveted vehicles.

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It is not known exactly how many Batmobiles are currently on set, or being utilized by the production team. Any movie usually has a couple different versions of the same vehicle on hand for any number of different reasons, with most variations serving a separate purpose.

Will Zack Snyder find his missing Batmobile? Or will it turn up on Ebay in the next couple of months? We'll keep you posted if any further news breaks. It should be noted that back in 2010, a replica of the Batmobile worth $200 was also stolen from the area. Lesson of the day, don't take your Batmobile to Detroit.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange