One of the centerpiece props in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the new Batmobile. And if you're heading to Los Angeles before the end of the year, you can see the actual car used in the movie. It is currently housed at the Warner Bros. studio lot, and is part of their tour offered to the public. Variant Comics has a special featurette, where they visit the lot, and offer an in-depth look at all the past vehicles used by Bruce Wayne in fighting crime.

While it's neat to see all of the Batmobiles utilized throughout the film franchise, which begins with Tim Burton's 1989 superhero classic Batman, and goes all the way through Christopher Nolan's trilogy ending sequel The Dark Knight Rises, the best part of this history tour is the brand new armored Batmobile that is being used by Ben Affleck's aging caped crusador in the upcoming movie. If you want to skip right to it in the video below, this latest Batcar comes in at the 8:50 mark. Here's what Tour Guide John had to say about the vehicle, getting up close and personal with it.

"This is the new Batmobile for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is designed by Patrick Tatopoulos. It is build by Dennis McCarthy. It's 20 feet long, it's 12 feet wide in the back. It's got some new features we've never seen on a Batmobile before. Like that Gatling guns just sitting on the front of the Batmobile. Another one of the new features that we don't see in other Batmobiles is the fact that it raises for scenes where it's going into battle. Or it's lower to the ground when it's just cruising through the streets. It's more aerodynamic. So it's a whole new hydraulic system."

In a previous interview, director Zack Snyder explained that this version of the Batmobile has been a longtime passion project for Bruce Wayne. He has cobbled it together from various parts. He hasn't had Lucius Fox design it in a tech lab. It has become more like a weekend project for the billionaire. And the design is said to be first based in the look of the Batmobile from the 1989 Batman. Tour guide John went onto say this about the car.

"One of the most impressive stats about this thing is that the tires have shaved down tractor tires. So it's like a fifty inch wheel in the back. They made two of these. It's made out of carbon fiber and fiberglass. And it's pretty much costume made from the ground up. The original idea, the design of it? They were inspired by the Michael Keaton Batmobile. You can see it in there somewhere. But of course they had to have that really modern tank look to it to get the feel of Batman v Superman. The other cool thing, and you can see it not only on the Batmobile, but also on the new Batsuit. You see how it's dinged up. This thing is worn. It's the same thing with Ben Affleck's batsuit. It has scrapes in it. Steel knuckles, everything. This is a different version of Batman. Where he's not starting out as Batman. He's been Batman for a long time now. This thing has seen some stuff."

So there were only two Batmobiles created for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And if you visit the Warner Bros. studio lot tour, you will see the car that star Ben Affleck actually sat in. While the Tumblrs from the Christopher Nolan Batman movies were exterior vehicles only, with the interiors built on set, this new Batmobile has an interior that is camera ready. The inside is exactly what you will see in the movie. The interior is the set. And this thing is loud. Tour guide John describes it as ear piercing, and he had to cover his ears when they drove in onto the lot.

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Fun fact, this new Batmobile was driven directly to the set after it was used in the movie. And it will be on the studio lot until the end of 2015, guaranteed. So if you want to see it, you only have a month and a half to make that dream come true. As of January 1, 2016, it will be driven to destinations unknown. You can get a better look at the vehicle in this latest video from the Warner Bros. studio tour.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange