Whenever a superhero movie as massive as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes around, after the casting process is complete, fans want to see what costumes they will be wearing, as soon as humanly possible. Thankfully, director Zack Snyder gave fans early looks at the new costumes for Ben Affleck's Batman, Henry Cavill's Superman, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and, most recently, Jason Momoa's Aquaman. Today, we have new insight into the man who designed all of those costumes, Michael Wilkinson, who shed some light on his process in an interview with Fashionista. He revealed that director Zack Snyder wanted the costumes to "connect directly to our world."

"(Zack) really wants these characters to connect directly to our world. So if you were walking down the street and you came across Superman or Batman - of course it would be startling and powerful - but it could actually happen in our world rather than in a stylized version of our reality."

Wilkinson, who also worked with Zack Snyder on Man of Steel, revealed the director wanted Ben Affleck's Batman costume to have a flexible cowl, which many of the previous Batman movies didn't have.

"That's actually one of the first things that Snyder mentioned to me in one of our initial meetings. It's a very important thing to Zack that the Batsuit would be comfortable and very flexible, but then would be able to perform in a very natural and forceful way. So a lot of incredible engineering went into the development of the new black cowl. It's no longer a designer just in his workroom pushing a costume out into the world and that's it. There's a real sense of a conversation and engaging in a dialogue about this stuff."

He added that it only takes Henry Cavill 15 minutes to get into his Superman costume, but Ben Affleck's Batman costume takes over 25 minutes, and requires three people to help him get into it.

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"It does involve multiple costumers. It's not the sort of thing that I could just sit in Ben's trailer and he gets into it himself. It's a six-handed operation."

Michael Wilkinson also added that creating Jason Momoa's Aquaman costume was a "huge challenge," because his past costumes have made him not appear as "cool" as the other superheroes around him. Here's what he had to say about the Aquaman costume.

"People have a lot of complaints about the orange skin and the green tights and that whole thing."

What do you think about these costume details for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Are you looking forward to see a more "flexible" Batman this time around? Hopefully we'll get to see all of these costumes in action with the first trailer, and we'll keep you posted with any further updates regarding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, arriving in theaters March 25, 2016.