Last week, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Henry Cavill debuted a humorous new video where he asked a group of young children which hero they liked best, Batman (Ben Affleck), or his beloved character, Superman. The video launched a new Omaze campaign that helps benefit three separate charities, with one lucky winner receiving a trip to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiere in New York City. Today, Omaze has debuted a second video which features Ben Affleck surprising fans in the Batmobile.

Much like the first video, where Henry Cavill took some playful jabs at Batman, this new video starts with Ben Affleck showing off the machine guns on his Batmobile, while claiming that Superman drives a Mazda Protege in the movie. This video goes onto shows the actor hiding inside the Batmobile during the Warner Bros. studio tour. When fans claim Superman will win in his epic fight with Batman, the actor pops out of the vehicle to surprise these unsuspecting non-supporters. He even drives the Batmobile around the studio lot, offering fans a ride in this iconic vehicle. If you enter this contest, you could actually take a ride in the Batmobile yourself as well.

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The winner of this Omaze campaign will attend the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiere, where they will meet Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg. The winner and a friend will get to ride in the Batmobile with Ben Affleck at the New York City premiere, and then fly in a helicopter with Henry Cavill. They will also get to photobomb the rest of the cast on the red carpet with Jesse Eisenberg.

All three actors nominated three charities, the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), The SEED Project and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, which will be benefited by this campaign. The Eastern Congo Initiative, which was founded by Ben Affleck, is a grant-making and advocacy organization whose singular mission is to help bring stability and self-sufficiency to the Congo. ECI enables change through community-based approaches that are essential to creating a sustainable and successful society in eastern Congo. The SEED Project was nominated by Jesse Eisenberg, which uses basketball and education to develop the next generation of African leaders. Henry Cavill nominated the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, which pursues its mission of saving species from extinction through its 3 core areas: worldwide conservation projects, training programs & the Wildlife Park in Jersey.

Fans who donate at least $10 to the Omaze campaign will not only be entered in this contest, but they will also receive a number of different perks as well. For a $50 donation, fans will receive a Limited Edition Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Adult Coloring Book, but for the high rollers, you can actually get to have dinner with Jesse Eisenberg for a $20,000 donation, and go on a weekend trip to meet Henry Cavill at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Channel Islands, U.K. if you donate $40,000. The biggest prize, literally and figuratively, is a seven-foot tall Dawn of Justice Batman Statue + Plaque Signed by Ben Affleck, which you can get for donating $50,000. Visit the Omaze site for more details on how you can donate and take a look at the rest of the campaign perks. Take a look at the new video below, and stay tuned for more Omaze videos from this Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice campaign.