While promoting this weekend's Gone Girl, Ben Affleck appeared on NBC's Today, where he offered a few quotes about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is still shooting in Detroit. When Matt Lauer asked what it was like to put the Batman suit on for the first time, Ben Affleck had this to say, praising the work being done by his writer and director:

"You know, these guys did a pretty incredible job. Zack Snyder, the director, is working from a script by Chris Terrio, who wrote Argo. They really conceived it in a new and interesting way."

He also talked about the negativity that surrounded his casting back in August 2013, although he added that several fans have come up to him expressing their excitement about the actor portraying Batman in Batman v Superman since that time.

"We have these cultural stories that people have attachments to, they care very much about. Fans get imaginative, they write fan-fiction, and they get really into it. They're certainly entitled to those feelings, but what's been interesting for me is this is the movie, more than any other movie combined, people come up to me and they're really excited. You have all of this attention - some of it's positive, some of it's negative. I think, in the end, you make the movie and it either works or it doesn't."

In a separate interview with The Detroit Free Press, Ben Affleck talked about how the city of Detroit looks like both Metropolis and Gotham City.

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"There are things to be discouraged by here and there are things to be inspired by here. I find it really dynamic. There are parts that look like Metropolis and parts that look like Gotham City."

Stay tuned for more details regarding Batman v Superman as production continues in Detroit.