A new report indicates that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will turn its Bruce Wayne into an underground MMA fan! A scene early in the movie offers a peek into Ben Affleck's private life as Bruce Wayne, who sometimes spends his nights betting on Fight Club type brawls when he isn't out fighting crime.

Zack Snyder shot the scenes in Detroit's Masonic Temple, which is mostly used for weddings and Quinceañeras. The film crew moved into the building's giant kitchen, transforming it into an underground ultimate fighting arena, and it does look similar to the one seen in Fight Club.

The scene in question finds a large group of men betting on the outcome of a fight, with Bruce Wayne stepping in to join them. When someone asks what he is doing there, he replies:

"I'm kind of a night person."

Bruce Wayne then goes onto have a conversation with an unidentified character at this shady establishment's bar. It's not known how this scene will be used in the story, or if its just a short moment to help set up Ben Affleck's personality as Bruce Wayne.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange