Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is shaping up to be one of this year's biggest movies, with early box office tracking suggesting that the film will earn $154 million in its opening weekend. It isn't known how much more footage will be released between now and the March 25 release date, but today we have word that a new comic book was released in boxes of General Mills cereal, offering intriguing new details. This story offers more insight into Wayne Industries and these two iconic heroes.

The story, entitled Field Trip, centers on Zoe, the daughter of a Daily Planet reporter, who is on a school field trip at Wayne Industries. Growing bored with the tour, Zoe manages to slip into a restricted area, where she discovers that thieves have infiltrated the building, wielding Kryptonian weaponry. After she runs into Bruce Wayne himself, they are both taken hostage by the thieves.

When the gang make a move to leave Wayne Enterprises, however, they are stopped by Superman, who demands that they turn over his people's technology. When they refuse, he takes them by force and Bruce Wayne takes out the thief holding himself and Zoe hostage. Superman hands the criminals over to the authorities, and Bruce takes Zoe back to her school group. It isn't known how far before the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this story takes place, but there are also some new details we can glean from this story.

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The comic book mentions that Batman has apparently been doing research into Superman's limitations. One part of the story features Zoe asking Bruce why Superman hasn't realized that the thieves have hostages. Bruce says that the exterior of the building lead-lined, and the Man of Steel can't see through lead. Whether Bruce specially constructed a building with lead-lined walls, or simply selected one to be the new base of Wayne Enterprises development, this line suggests that he deliberately turned his center of operations into a fort that even Superman's prying eyes can't penetrate.

There are three more preview comics circulating in other packets of General Mills cereal, which may offer even more details about this highly-anticipated adventure, which hits theaters March 25. What do you think about this new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comic? You can take a look at the full comic book below, and stay tuned for more on this highly-anticipated superhero adventure.


"Field Trip," BatmanvSuperman