Apparently, Batman V Superman is having a problem keeping the attention of certain individuals in the UK. A couple in Manchester were reportedly so bored by the DC Comics movie that they decided to engage in other activities during the screening. The pair were later arrested for causing a commotion in a public space. And this arrived after some good old fashion violence ensued.

It's not quite clear if the two love birds in question were simply turned off by the movie, or turned on by the fact that Superman and Batman were finally fighting each other on the big screen. But midway through Dawn of Justice, the unnamed pair decided to engage in a little coitus that soon caught the attention of those seated around them. According to STV, theater management was alerted to this disturbance. But they got more than they bargained for when approaching the otherwise distracted lovers.

When the theater management confronted the man and woman about having sex in public, the unidentified male stood up and punched one of the theater staffers square in the face. It was at this point that the cops were called in. Upon their arrival, a small scuffle did ensue. But it wasn't long before the two were in cuffs and being hauled away from the theater.

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It is reported that the man was arrested for 'outraging public decency'. He also got slapped with an assault charge. The woman in question only got a 'outraging public decency' charge for her troubles. It was confirmed that both parties were under the influence of alcohol. No further details have been revealed from the case. But watching it all go down was described as 'better than the movie' by one onlooker who got more than the show he paid for in Manchester last night.

The bright side to this is that no guns were involved in a period where escalating violence has been prominent in movie houses across the country. Though, the night wasn't without a little pain. We're not sure how much of an injury the theater staffer who got punched in the face endured during this disruption. You can check out the GMP City Centre text that was sent out shortly after this provocative incident occurred.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange