Ever since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was first announced, fans have wondered exactly how Bruce Wayne will be able to win in a fight against Kal-El. Well, a recently leaked LEGO set revealed exactly how that will happen. SPOILER ALERT! Batman has a gun that's equipped with Kryptonite bullets! But, according to Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck's Dark Knight is packing something even more power than a weapon.

Having directed Man of Steel, and with both Justice League movies on the horizon, it's clear that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder knows his way around the DC Comics universe. And he has a deep understanding of what makes Batman tick. He's finally weighed in on the Bruce vs Kal-El debate. And as he sees it, the Dark Knight has one clear advantage over the Man of Steel.

"The advantage that Batman has is the goodness of Superman. The compliance to fair lay that Superman has...Batman knows how to exploit Superman."

So, not only will Batman riddle Superman's body with Kryptonite laced bullets, he'll also exploit Superman's weakness for Truth, Justice and the American way. How that will be handled in direct combat hasn't been unveiled. But it sounds like a majority of the movie will have Bruce Wayne campaigning against the extraterrestrial known as Kal-El. So, it sounds like Batman is ready to pull up his sleeves and fight dirty!

Speaking of a dirty fight. As we know from the two previous trailers and some of the photos already released, Batman is going to suit up in special armor to fight Superman. While this special armor has been seen at various conventions like San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con, the suit Ben Affleck climbs into in the movie is actually CGI. When we see Bruce fighting in that suit on the big screen, its actually the actor wearing a Mo-Cap suit. Shocking? Perhaps. About that, Ben Affleck explains.

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"The most humiliating, ridiculous thing in the world. You can move freely, and they put [the suit] on digitally. It's a little bit more humiliating to wear, but it's easier for the digital effects guys. You can see who the priority is..."

The suit will be 100% CGI during the epic fight scenes. But Zack Snyder won't be! Speaking from the Bob Kane ceremony at the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier this week, the director did confirm that he has a cameo in the movie. But we won't get to see his face. He explains to 411Mania.

"You won't see my face. I pick some things up, but that's it."

This isn't the first time Zack Snyder has stepped in front of the camera. He's also had cameos in his 2004 zombie remake Dawn Of The Dead, and if you look really hard, you can find him in his 2009 DC Comics adaptation Watchmen. Stay tuned as we bring you more Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice coverage in the coming months. We only have 153 more days to go!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange