Warner Bros. and DC have finally blinked in their big release date stand-off with Marvel. Both Captain America 3 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were set to open on May 6, 2016. But Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has now moved to March 25, 2016, avoiding what was sure to be a superhero pile up. And it was announced that the movie will be released in 3D.

This news comes just days after Marvel showed its box office prowess with Guardians of the Galaxy, opening their untested sci-fi epic to the tune of $94 million during its first weekend. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is seen as the most important film Warner Bros. and DC have in setting up its future game plan, and they don't want to risk losing out on any money, which would inevitably happen if it were to go toe-to-toe with Captain America 3.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is setting up Justice League and a number of other DC Comics movies. Warner Bros. not only moved the film's release date into spring (taking the date previously occupied by Geostorm starring Gerard Butler), they also announced release dates for 9 other DC Comics movies and 2 untitled Warner Bros. event movies.

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This is what the upcoming DC Comics and Warner Bros. slate looks like:

Untitled DC Film - 08/05/16

Untitled DC Film - 06/23/17

Untitled DC Film - 11/17/17

Untitled DC Film - 03/23/18

Untitled DC Film - 07/27/18

Untitled WB Event Film - 11/16/18

Untitled DC Film - 04/05/19

Untitled DC Film - 06/14/19

Untitled DC Film - 04/03/20

Untitled DC Film - 06/19/20

Untitled WB Event Film - 11/20/20

In /shazam-wonder-woman-and-a-flash-green-lantern-team-up-movie-coming-soon/June, Nikki Finke reported that Warner Bros. and DC Comics were planning to announce their upcoming slate at Comic-Con, which didn't happen. The proposed slate looked like this:

May 2016 - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

July 2016 - Shazam!

Xmas 2016 - Sandman

May 2017 - Justice League

July 2017 - Wonder Woman

Xmas 2017 - The Flash and Green Lantern team-up

May 2018 - Man Of Steel 2

While director Kevin Smith confirmed that this list was in-line with what he was hearing from his sources, we are still missing three movies from this rundown. One of which could be an Untitled Batman Reboot, and another might even be Justice League 2. Dwayne Johnson spent most of July teasing that a Shazam! announcement was coming soon, so that's likely one of the films we're seeing mentioned above.

What do you think of this line-up? Is it just more hot air and wishful thinking on DC and Warner Bros.'s part?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange