Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice successfully launched Warner Bros.' DC Comics Extended Universe when it hit theaters this past March, which will continue this summer with Suicide Squad, arriving August 5. Even before the March release, one of the trailers for Batman v Superman revealed the costume worn by Batman (Ben Affleck)'s former sidekick, Robin, although it was never confirmed which of the DC Comics characters was fighting crime alongside Batman. Today we finally have our answer, from the most unlikely of places, a Warner Bros. studio tour.

The official Facebook page for Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood posted a new video last week, featuring a sneak peek at DC Universe: The Exhibit! The tour guide revealed that all of the items in this exhibit are from the actual movies, revealing a number of costumes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before coming to the iconic Robin suit, which has the hand-scrawled message from The Joker. The tour guide confirmed that the movie version of Robin was in fact Jason Todd, the second character to take up the Robin mantle in the comics, after Dick Grayson.

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Of course, many fans assumed that Robin was Jason Todd, since the costume with The Joker's message fell in line with the iconic comic "A Death in the Family," where Jason Todd/Robin was killed by the Joker, which had a profound impact on Bruce Wayne. There have also been rumors that the death of Robin could lead into The Red Hood appearing in the standalone Batman movie that Ben Affleck is starring in, directing and co-writing the script for, alongside Geoff Johns. However, a recent report revealed that this stand alone movie won't feature the Red Hood, but it will feature a slew of other iconic villains.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn't reveal any details about Robin's death, but the costume display strongly hints that The Joker was responsible for his demise. There has been speculation that Robin's death may have been what lead to Batman actually killing the villains he goes up against, but it's also possible that Batman became more comfortable with killing while he was fighting crime with the Boy Wonder. It isn't known for certain whether or not we'll learn more about Robin's death in this solo movie, which has been rumored to be called The Batman.

It's possible that we'll learn more about Robin's death in the upcoming Suicide Squad, which hits theaters on August 5. We know that Ben Affleck will be appearing in that movie as Batman, since he has been seen in set videos, and the first trailer, riding atop The Joker's high-end sports car. There have been rumors that The Joker plays a big part in a massive prison riot sequence at the end of Suicide Squad, and that Batman may also confront him during this scene, possibly to avenge the death of Robin, but those details haven't been confirmed. While we wait for more details, take a look at this new video which confirms Jason Todd is the late Robin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.