This is a pretty bold move on Marvel's part. And they certainly know how to kick their competition when it's down. There is no denying the long-standing rivalry between Marvel and DC Comics. And if all out war hadn't been declared before, it certainly has now, as two of Marvel's biggest superheroes slam Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, criticizing it like only they can.

When it comes to 2016 at the box office, there aren't two bigger superheroes than Deadpool and Spider-Man. An R-rated release, Deadpool has pulled in an astounding $363 million at the domestic box office, and another $415 million overseas, giving it a worldwide take of $778.6 million. It is the biggest R rated movie of all time, and the second biggest movie of the year in the U.S., coming in just behind Captain America: Civil War, which introduced the world to Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man. This first Marvel Phase 3 movie has earned $404 million domestic, and another $743 million overseas, bringing its global stash to $1.1 billion. So it must hurt when these guys get together to bag on DC's disappointing Batman V Superman just for the fun of it.

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Batman V Superman isn't being called an outright bomb, as it did make money. But not enough to make Warner Bros. happy, and most critics hated it. The movie brought in $330 domestic while taking in $542 million overseas, for a worldwide cume of $872 million. Certainly nothing to sneeze at, yet not exactly what was expected either. Dawn of Justice is the number five movie of 2016 thus far, coming in behind The Jungle Book and Zootopia. And it will likely fall even further down the list once January rolls around. DC and Warner Bros. know there is a problem, and they are hurrying to course correct the ship with Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League.

But Marvel knows it is winning at the box office, so they've decided to use their two big bright shinning stars of the moment to kick some more sand in the eyes of Bruce and Kal-El. The mean-spirited jokes come courtesy of 'Spider-Man/Deadpool' issue #6. And the comments made by The Merc with the Mouth and Peter Parker mirror some of the heavier criticisms aimed at Dawn of Justice since its release. Though they don't just outright come out and complain about Batman V Superman.

No, the two crime fighters have just gone to their local multiplex (in costume no less) to see the latest superhero epic Nighthawk V. Hyperion: Yawn of Bordem produced by Katz N. Berger. And we know they're really talking about Batman V Superman because the tagline is 'You won't believe their mothers share a first name!' Spidey and Deadpool are seen walking out of the movie, and they appear to have hated it. Deadpool, who doesn't mind taking big shots at Wolverine Origins in his standalone movie claims Nighthawk V. Hyperion just didn't make sense. And he doesn't understand why the heroes were fighting one minute, then best friends the next. And Spider-Man, who is now part of the MCU, slams the movie for setting up 8 different movies instead of delivering just one satisfying one.

Don't worry. They don't mind taking cheap shots at themselves, either. Spider-Man jokes about his own big screen alter ego, and all the reboots Peter Parker has had to suffer through over the years, while consoling Deadpool about losing out on his shot to be more than a comic-book character. All and all, it is a little mean spirited. But still funny none the less. We have a couple panels from the comic book for your to enjoy. The jokes don't stop there, though. The X-Men and Daredevil also get in on the action in a plot that revolves around Deadpool getting his own movie. Wade finds his movie rewritten to cater to other superheroes. You can check out the art here courtesy of Bleeding Cool as we await this issue to hit newsstands soon.

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