Last week, we reported that a massive Superman statue is being constructed on the Detroit set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, although it wasn't known what the purpose of this statue is. Today, a new report reveals that a scene shot last week explains why the statue was created. There will be minor plot spoilers below, including another report that hints The Flash will have a cameo in the movie, along with new photos from the set that offer a better look at the LexCorp offices and logo, so read on at your own risk.

Batman-News reports that the production filmed scenes on Friday for a press conference where the statue was unveiled, as a tribute to Superman (Henry Cavill) saving the world in Man of Steel. The movie takes place roughly two years after Man of Steel, with members of both the Metropolis and Gotham City press in attendance to cover the Metropolis Mayor's speech. Elementary school children wearing "Superman Survivors" t-shirts helped to pull the tarp off of the statue for the big reveal, with real doves being released during the celebration.

The photos we saw last week revealed that the statue was incomplete, missing the head and other body parts. The production shot the statue as is, and it will be completed in post-production. It was also revealed that the Batmobile's doors will, "open up like wings," although it isn't known if the Batmobile will transform into the aerial vehicle known as the Batwing.

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In related news, Twitter user @walstadm captured a few photos from the set, which gives us a much better look at the LexCorp offices and logo, along with some of the press and emergency vehicles from both Gotham and Metropolis that were used during Friday's shoot, along with another glimpse at the incomplete Superman statue from a distance.

There is also an unconfirmed report from The Daily Superhero which reveals that The Flash may have a cameo appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Before filming began, there was a report that the production was scouting locations for a convenience store scene. This scene will reportedly be a robbery, where security camera footage catches a "flash of wind" which will be The Flash. This has not been confirmed by Warner Bros., and it isn't known who will play The Flash, or if he pops up in any other scenes.