Last week, a report starting making the rounds that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was in trouble and that it could derail or delay the planned shooting schedule for Justice League Part 1. The initial rumor claimed that Warner Bros. was worried about their impending DC Comics adventure, which is being used to set up the DCEU. And that people who have seen the movie are not responding well to it. Today, we have a vastly different report, one that claims Warner Bros. is simply worried that Marvel movie fans are too dumb to understand the weighty material and detailed storyline being set up in Batman v Superman.

The first report came from Hitfix's Drew McWeeny. He positions the idea that Warner Bros. is going to have to rethink their entire impending slate. And that the studio is going to push a solo Ben Affleck Batman movie instead of moving forward on Justice League Part 1. This new conflicting report comes from Batman-On-Film, who admit that Warner Bros. is concerned about the movie. But they're not worried about the quality of the movie, instead, they think its simply too smart for the average superhero movie goer. The site has this to say.

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"They're more concerned about how the audience will respond to it, and how it will perform at the box office."

It is being speculated that the mainstream audience has become accustomed to the 'Popcorn' appeal of previous Marvel movies. And perhaps fans won't respond as well to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which arrives with a screenplay from an Oscar winner. This sounds like a low blow to Marvel and its fans, who's movies shouldn't be categorized as thoughtless fluff. The Marvel movies have strong continuing story lines, but that doesn't mean they can't also be fun. We've long heard that DC and Warner Bros. have a no jokes policy concerning their main slate of DCEU movies, and it's clear this will be a different type of movie. But audiences are smart. It's quite a put down to assume they won't understand what is going on in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Most of this is just insider talk, and all needs to be regarded with the most suspicious of eyes. We won't know how Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sits with audiences until it hits this March. And unless its a massive box office failure, its unlikely that Warner Bros. and DC will alter their course on moving forward with Justice League Part 1. The claim is that director Zack Snyder will be removed from the movie altogether, but we have nothing official from the studio that supports that evidence. So, what do you think? Are Marvel fans too dumb to get the gist of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?