If we're to believe the rumors, we'll be seeing the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on February 6, attached to prints of Jupiter Ascending. While we don't know what this teaser will include, we're sure to get at least a tiny little hint at the epic showdown between the movie's two title characters. Back in July, we got to see the Man of Steel face off with the Dark Knight in the Comic-Con footage. Now, in a translated interview, the choreographer of this epic showdown has gone on record, teasing what else we can expect to see.

Spanish website Los Andes Diario caught up with fight choreographer Guillermo Grispo, and he revealed more than maybe he should have in terms of what is happening between DC's biggest heroes in 2016. He talks extensively about how he prepared for the fight, and how it's possible that Batman might even stand a chance. As expected, he can't say too much about the story. But he does offer quite a bit of information about his involvement with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And explains how it's possible that Batman is even part of this epic battle between two of the world's most renown heroes:

"Look, at Warner Bros., they are very strict, so I can't say much, but it's no surprise if I say Batman and Superman come face-to-face in the movie. It's one of the most important sequences and I was actively involved in the design of the fight: the exchange of punches and the physical movement were put together with my partner Ryan Watson. There's a thought that Batman has no chance, that the [Superman] will squash him like a bug. But when you see the movie, and how it all comes out, there's a very intelligent explanation as to why they would have a firsthand confrontation though it seems to be totally to Batman's disadvantage."

Guillermo Grispo continued to talk about Batman, and the fighting style that we'll see The Dark Knight use when he goes up against Kal-El:

"Batman is going to fight the way I've always dreamed of seeing him fight...He's a character so prepared in martial arts that you can do a lot of things with him, but filmmakers usually don't go all the way with it. Even in the last Nolan movies the action scenes aren't very good from a technical, martial arts point of view to things like choreography, filming, bad camera movements...But hey, don't get me wrong, Nolan is great, I would kiss his shoes. He makes fascinating stories, but I think that he did not pay too much attention to the fights. Those are the kind of details that Zack, being so physical himself, loves preparing. I think there's going to be a big difference when you see these Batman fights in comparison to the previous ones."

Batman News has more from the fight choreographer, where he goes into a more detailed account of how he prepared for such an epic project. You can check it out: CLICK HERE

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange