In just three whole weeks, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will invade theaters across the country, and it's already shaping up to be one of the biggest movies of the year. Early box office projections claim the movie could earn as much as $180 million domestically, and between $300 million and $340 million globally. While we wait to see how moviegoers respond to this massive superhero adventure, Entertainment Weekly has debuted this week's magazine covers, one featuring Henry Cavill's Superman and the other showcasing Ben Affleck's Batman. If that wasn't enough, we also have an action-packed TV spot and even more photos.

Ever since this project was first announced, during Comic Con 2013, fans have speculated who will actually win this battle. As of late, even the stars themselves are taking playful jabs at each other, through Omaze campaign videos, but the question still remains: who will win? Batman or Superman? While many are siding with Superman, thanks to his superhuman abilities, Henry Cavill teased that the Man of Steel does have another weakness, besides Kryptonite.

"[Superman's] weakness is that he doesn't want to hurt anyone. He doesn't want to scare anyone, and in that you can take advantage of him. This is someone who is a complete amateur, and he's facing up against someone who is very well versed in the arts of war. I think the most difficult thing for him is that he has just come to terms with the fact that he is really, really quite powerful. Despite this, despite the enormous power that he has, he still cannot do everything, and he really struggles with that."

We learned shortly after Ben Affleck was cast that his version of Batman will be more weary, having fought crime in Gotham for two decades. We know that, during the massive Metropolis battle in Man of Steel, that Wayne Tower in Gotham was destroyed, which helps ignite this conflict between them. But Ben Affleck adds that Superman's presence has him questioning whether he actually did any good during his crimefighting tenure, and how the presence of Superman, and others like him, terrifies the hero.

"He's projecting his own sense of failure, his own sense of disillusionment, his own cynicism onto Superman. The idea that there are more, that's hopeful and also terrifying to him. Because then they could make humans even more powerless - or they could serve on our side."

This new report from EW also shoots down rumors that Lex Luthor has an "armored warsuit" in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (though a toy of that exists, and is on sale right now at Toys R Us), while Zack Snyder says that Lex not only wants to be successful, but to see others fail as well. Lex is also "deeply tormented and emotionally scarred" by his father. What do you think about these new details? While we wait for more on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, take a look at these new photos and TV spot, as we inch closer and closer to the March 25 release.

Batman v Superman EW Cover 1
Batman v Superman EW Cover 2
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