Following three new photos that arrived yesterday courtesy of Empire, we now 7 more glorious images from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The usual suspects are all here, and of course we get to see more from the title bout at the heart of this superhero tale. Judging from everything else we've seen so far, the movie, a follow-up to 2013's Man of Steel, will spend a huge chunk of its runtime focused on this brawl between two of DC Comics most iconic heroes. But there are other characters in the mix who will also get ample screen time, as these photos prove. Though today, villain Lex Luthor is no where to be found.

The first photo is one we saw just a few days ago. It has Kal-El and Bruce Wayne suited up, ready to go at it in the rubble of a destroyed building. Apparently, Batman has driven his Batmobile through the Detroit-like battleground that is Gotham, crashing through an abandoned factory building. As he stands up, out of his seat, Superman lands on the hood for an intense stare down. It's not clear at what point this moment comes in their fight. Is Batman trying to flee Kal-El after discovering he doesn't quite have the strength to match up to Krypton's first son? You'll notice Bruce has ditched the mech-suit. So this is probably a moment from much later in their altercation.

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The second photo takes us behind the scenes of this big battle between titans. Direct Zack Snyder has his fists up, teaching a cowled Ben Affleck how to throw a punch in his Batsuit. As mentioned above, the Kryptonite-laced mech-suit has come off, with the Dark Knight sporting a more traditional costume. This moment may come before the title fight between the heroes, and it's possible that Batman is after someone else in this Gotham city warehouse. But the third photo definitely comes from the film's big action set piece. Batman and Superman will be fighting in the rain. And you have to admit, Henry Cavill looks pretty good with wet hair. And the Gotham City storm allows him to keep those spit curls intact.

The fourth picture shows us Gal Gadot as Diana Prince. She is seen in her civilian wardrobe, during a time when no one knows her secret identity. While we got to see Wonder Woman in action during the second trailer released at Comic-Con, we still have no idea how the character fits into this story. We do know that she dances with Bruce Wayne at a millionaire's ball. Earlier rumors claimed they are locked in a love affair. Bruce knows Diana's secret, and Diana knows that Bruce is a crime fighting vigilante. But neither knows the other's got their number. Will we get to see Batman and Wonder Woman make out on screen? For some, that might be more thrilling then the big fight.

A fifth photo takes us into Wayne Manor with Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne and Jeremy Irons' Alfred the Butler. One thing is for certain, Bruce's home has seen better days. And this photo, too, indicates that some of the previous rumors we have heard are true. It appears Bruce spends most of his time living in a guest house located behind the manor. Staring into space, with Alfred looking on, these are surely hard times for the millionaire who has lost quite a lot in the battle of Metropolis seen at the end of Man of Steel. A sixth photo takes us inside the Daily Planet. We see Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White. This images begs the question...Clark Kent is still getting away with that lame disguise? Apparently so. Empire released the cover of their feature story on Sunday, which showed the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice heroes suited up. They have an alternate cover which shows Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent in their secret identities. It asks: Is Batman Gotham's protector or a crazy vigilante? Is Superman a world savior or an Alien tyrant? While you contemplate those quandaries, take a look at this latest sneak peek.

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