Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is chocked full of divisive moments that fans are still discussing, following its release on March 25. One of these scenes is known as the "Knightmare" sequence, which most assumed were bizarre dreams that Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is having, featuring our first look at Ezra Miller as The Flash, along with a huge Easter Egg: Darkseid's massive Omega symbol. We'll have to wait and see how these sequences truely play into the story that continues with Justice League Part 1. But Jay Oliva, who served as a concept artist on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and has directed several DC animated movies like Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, has now shed some light on this sequence during an appearance on the Hall of Justice Podcast. Here's what he had to say below, revealing that the Knightmare scenes weren't just a "dream sequence," but rather a Time Boom.

"You want to know the answer? Okay... you've watched Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, my movie, right? In the DC Universe in the comics, there's this thing where- it's a little different than the Back to The Future thing where you can go back in time and change your threads and stuff, but in DC, when you go back in time you create this kind of 'Time Boom' kind of thing where lots of things change. Okay, so let me just tell you this. Again... I don't know if this is Zack (Snyder)'s thinking, but this is mine: what if that isn't a dream sequence? What if what you saw was a Time Boom, a latent memory from the future when The Flash comes back? If you look at the cut, he doesn't go to sleep! He's waiting for the [Lexcorp file decryption] and suddenly this [Knightmare sequence] comes in, and he's jogged out of it seeing his own death. And what does he see? He sees Flash. And if you're a DC fan, you know what's happening. You know that Flash going back in time, that memory is now coming back to him... mind you, it's jumbled."
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It's also worth noting that after The Flash leaves, we see numerous papers flying around Bruce's desk, hinting that this sequence actually happened in real time, and not in a dream sequence. Part of this scene shows Barry Allen telling Bruce that he was "right about him." While this character's identity has not been revealed, Jay Oliva teased that it's not Superman, contrary to what some fans may think.

"The thing is that, it's meant to be so kind of subtle, most audiences just think of it as a dream. And it's meant to be that way. It's just like in the comics when there might be some shadowy figure standing in the background, you don't know who that character is until five issues down the line. The main purpose of that in the film - because people will probably say 'why even have it, if it's not going to be followed through?' - I'm going to say: 'Well, it's there because it actually adds to... Bruce Wayne's kind of mania. Because he sees this memory. He doesn't quite know exactly what he saw, all it does is tell him is that Superman is bad. And remember, when Flash goes back in time, he tells him 'you were right about him.' He doesn't say exactly who 'him' is. The average audience member, and even Bruce Wayne, is going to think that he's right about Superman, when in fact he's referring to someone else."

One week from today, production will begin on Justice League Part 1 at Leavesden Studios in the U.K., under the direction of Zack Snyder. Of course, we don't know for sure if these Knightmare sequences will be addressed in the movie, but it seems likely that we could get some insight into the meaning of these scenes. Do you have any theories about the Knightmare scenes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?