When your movie is called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it better be something quite special, and beyond spectacular. These are not just two of DC Comics biggest superhero characters, but arguable the most iconic crime fighting warriors to exist in any medium. There is a lot of pressure for this to be one of the greatest movies ever made in the genre. In a recent interview, Henry Cavill promises just that, taking it one step further by claiming it as one for the record books. Speaking with The Daily Mail Online, the actor states:

"It's Zack Snyder so it's going to be a visual spectacle and it's cinematic history. We're doing Batman and we're doing Superman and it's all happening at the same time so fingers crossed it turns out to be as exciting as I think it is."

If we're to believe the constant stream of rumors on the Internet, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's third act promises one of the greatest onscreen fight sequences ever, and will span from Gotham to Metropolis. The movie will also introduce an epic number of DC Comics heroes, including Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman as it sets up Justice League. While having Batman and Superman in the same movie is cinematic history in itself, as that has never happened before in a live action movie, the rest is yet to be determined. When the dust settles, we could merely have another Watchmen on our hands. In retrospect, would that really be so bad?

B. Alan Orange