It wasn't until the very end of Man of Steel that Henry Cavill's Clark Kent went to work for the Daily Planet. Now, new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set photos offer a better look at those signature Clark Kent glasses as Kal-El heads out on one of his first field assignments. Seen as a roving reporter, Clark appears to have superpowers as an interviewer, but is he really fooling anyone? In this iteration, Amy Adams' Lois Lane already knows his secret. Will she suffer a blow that renders her memory wiped in terms of Clark's true identity?

Check out Henry Cavill on the case in this latest look at the upcoming DC Comics superhero movie. Here, he is seen leaving the Gotham jail. Who is inside, and what important information do they hold? We won't know for quite some time to come. Clark also confronts a woman on the steps, and we get another look at one of Gotham's police cruisers.

More set photos of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor have also hit the internet, though the actor has not yet been spotted without a handkerchief covering his head. "Is Lex bald?" Seems to be the big question of the day when it comes to the secrets of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here, we can almost see a bit of hair sticking out the back of Jesse's towel. It doesn't appear to be bleached blonde as previously reported. We may not know the true look of Lex until closer to the release date. Check out more paparazzi photos from the Detroit set:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange