The first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice critic screenings are happening soon. But there are a few select individuals who have already seen the movie. One of them is star Henry Cavill, who plays the Man of Steel. At this early stage, you wouldn't expect the cast to give their superhero epic a bad review. Instead, the actor heaps some quick yet elegant praise on this long-awaited match-up between DC's two biggest titans. So, what does Henry Cavill truly think about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Here's his review.

"Epic, thrilling and visually spectacular."
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Does that endorsement make you any more excited about seeing The Dark Knight and the Last Son of Krypton face off against each other in a damp warehouse? It's not exactly an in-depth deep read of the material, but however it shakes out, we can already guess that the hype will probably live up to these four words once the movie has officially screened. Talking with E! Online, Henry Cavill was also asked who he'd want at his back in a fight. You wouldn't expect him to go with Batman, would you?

"[Superman] has all the powers. And [he] can't help but love everyone and wants to do the right thing [and] know you have the right guy advising you."

While this is his second time playing the Man of Steel, this past Sunday marked the first time Henry Cavill has ever served as an Oscar presenter. And he felt the task was a bit more daunting than facing off against the caped crusader. About presenting alongside Scandal star Kerry Washington, the actor had this to say about the opportunity.

"I was a little nervous about what to expect when I came here, but it's so busy and there's so much going on that you don't feel really exposed as you do at some of the other events. I'm really enjoying this. The energy is fantastic. It's real good fun."

How many Oscars will Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice be up for next year? Who knows! But if we're to believe Henry Cavill's quick review, we're in for a visual treat when the superhero epic finally hits the big screen this March. What do you think? Is he just endorsing his movie? Or will Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice truly be the epic, thrilling visually spectacular masterpiece that we all want it to be?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange