If you don't want to know which iconic moment from the DC comic books was filmed yesterday on the Chicago set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice using IMAX cameras, stop reading now! The rest of this story does contain spoilers...

Last month, photos from the Michigan set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showed off the Wayne Family mausoleum, located at the Orion Oaks County Park in Lake Orion, Michigan. There, a number of vintage cars were spotted, and it was believed to be a flashback to Bruce Wayne's parents' funeral. Ben Affleck was later spotted on a Smallville funeral set, so it's possible that this modern day moment in the film triggers a flashback to the death of Bruce's mom and dad.

New photos from the Chicago set surfaced yesterday revealing an iconic Gotham location, showing off the movie theater where Bruce's parents are murdered. These images came complete with a marquee featuring the 1940 version of The Mask of Zorro, the movie playing on the night of the murders as seen in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Today, Instagram user Dan Marcus has posted a new video from the set that shows part of the iconic Wayne Family murder scene as it is being filmed. You may notice one thing doesn't quite make sense. Opening soon at this same theater is the 1981 King Arthur cult classic Excalibur. If the deaths occurred in 1981, why are there so many vintage 1950s cars on location? Is there more to this flashback than meets the eye?

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This latest video also comes along with a report from Twitter user Eisentower30, who confirms that this very scene is being shot with IMAX cameras. Rumors surfaced earlier this summer that director Zack Snyder is using IMAX cameras on the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set, but that was never confirmed by anyone at the studio. It isn't known how many more scenes are being shot in IMAX, if any. At any rate, take a look at the video from the set below, along with the details about the IMAX cameras currently being utilized in Chicago.