One enterprising comic book fan has set out to prove that the critically derided Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is essential the exact same movie as the critically bashed Iron Man 2. And s/he offers a stirring new video on Youtube as proof that DC pretty much curbed from one of Marvel's lesser sequels in bringing their epic clash to the big screen. In fact, this visual essay from 'Couch Tomato' delivers 24 different reasons to ponder and think about in making the declaration.

DC and Warner Bros. actually got a head start when it comes to turning their comic books into big screen entities that bring in billions of dollars. It all started way back in 1978 with Superman: The Movie, which spawned 4 sequels, a Supergirl spin-off and a reboot of sorts with 2006's Superman returns. They also launched a successful Batman series in 1989, and again in 2005 with Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, all before Marvel Studios got their act together and created what is known as the MCU, which kicked off in 2008 with Iron Man and has been going non-stop ever since.

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Since 2008, DC Films and Warner Bros. has been desperate to catch up, returning their biggest and brightest superheroes to the big screen with their own DCEU cinematic universe. But they've been left in the proverbially dust. So far, The DCEU has three movies to its name, 2013's Man of Steel, this past March's Dawn of Justice, and this weekend's Suicide Squad, none of which can catch a break with critics. Now, Couch Tomato is claiming that DC Films used Iron Man 2 as a template for Batman v Superman, perhaps in a means to retain some of that Marvel magic.

But did they go overboard, and create an almost exact doppelganger dressed up in Batman and Superman's clothing? The video below takes no caution in pointing out the similarities shared between these two movies. And it certainly seems to be a fair argument on the surface. Both movies revolve around corporate drama and the government's growing suspicion about individuals with superpowers. Both movies tread on the usual superhero and comic book tropes. Both have villains hoping to convince the populace that they should never believe in false gods. And both movies even have red-headed love interests who are troubled by their lovers heroic personas.

The most noteworthy similarity shared between both movies comes with the rousing climax, which is quite identical in both cases.They involve the heroes getting the villains out of a heavily populated area, towards an iconic statue, in a means to reduce any collateral damage. But really, isn't that any superhero movie? Though, it should be noted that DC takes a much more serious tone, while Marvel flies in with its big third act ending on a lighter, funnier note.

Both movies certainly revolve around Billionaire vigilantes with indestructible suits and a lot of cool play things. They also both have cool hidden man caves full of awesome technology used for vanquishing the bad guy. But it's always been that way in the comics, too. This video shouldn't be taken too seriously by anyone who has a strong loyalty to either Marvel or DC. It's all done in fun. And at the end of the day, aren't all superhero movies pretty much the same? Take a look.