Way back in August of last year, when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was still shooting exteriors on the streets of Detroit, a painting was spotted that looked suspiciously like Watchmen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Was he reuniting with his director Zack Snyder for a cameo? While the actor has never been confirmed for the movie, many believe he is playing Bruce Wayne's dad Thomas Wayne.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host asked if this was the case. While Jeffrey Dean Morgan doesn't come right out and confirm that he has a role in the superhero movie, his smile all but gives it away. He goes onto say that the painting in question does look just like him.

"Gosh dang, it sure looks like me, doesn't it? I think you have to watch the movie to see if that's me. But that looks a lot like me, man!"

Is former Comedian (his Watchmen character, not his profession) playing Dad Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman? It sounds like its certainly a possibility. Why keep it a secret? Who knows. You can watch the full clip courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live. And then check out the painting in question.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange