Back in October, it was confirmed that actress Jena Malone has been cast in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, weeks after she was spotted on the Detroit set with director Zack Snyder, who worked with her on Sucker Punch. There was no official confirmation regarding what character the actress will be playing, although an East Lansing, Michigan news report revealed that the actress is playing Carrie Kelly, a.k.a. the female Robin. In a profile piece on the actress, The Daily Beast brings up the rumor that Jena Malone is playing Carrie Kelly, although the actress wouldn't confirm whether or not she is playing Carrie/Robin. While there is no direct quote from the actress, the site says, "her lips are sealed" when asked about the Carrie Kelly rumors.

Even if it is true that Jena Malone is playing Carrie Kelly, it isn't known how large a part she may have, or how this character fits into the story. Carrie Kelly appeared in the classic Frank Miller graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, and fans may remember that actor Harry Lennix read a passage from the comic at Comic-Con 2013, just before the Batman v Superman logo was unveiled for the first time. It isn't known if writer Chris Terrio adapted the graphic novel for this big screen adventure, or if parts of the comic are being used for the plot.

There is still very little we know about the plot, and if Jena Malone does turn out to be playing Carrie/Robin, it remains to be seen if she will reprise that role in Justice League Part 1 and Justice League Part 2. Perhaps we'll find out more about the plot when the first trailer debuts, but we still don't know when that first footage will be revealed. Do you think Jena Malone is perfect to play the female Robin, Carrie Kelly? Chime in with your thoughts below, and stay tuned for more details.