Even fans who weren't that impressed by what transpires in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are (sort of) looking forward to the upcoming R-Rated Ultimate Cut of the movie. If for noting else to see some glaring plot holes fleshed out and explained. And it appears that is exactly what Jena Malone's character serves to do. She's used as a framing device for one of the theatrical cut's more confusing moments. Though, she is not playing the character everyone has assumed over the past couple of years. And her big reveal might actually serve as a let down.

Though cinematographer Larry Fong concedes that the Ultimate Edition will change your opinion about Dawn of Justice, we're not sure yet how this longer edit will improve or derail the overall experience. We do know that this new version provides some key missing information, with nearly a half hour of never-before-seen footage. It has now been confirmed that the long rumored re-addition of Jena Malone's character is indeed coming, teased in the trailer for the Blu-ray and VOD release (which apparently isn't getting a theatrical release as once rumored).

All through production, Jena Malone's character was kept under wraps. So speculation about who she was actually playing ran rampant across the Internet. When it was first revealed that she had a small role in the follow-up to 2013's Man of Steel, many jumped to the easy conclusion that she was playing Carrie Kelly, the Robin in Frank Miller's seminal The Dark Knight Returns comic, upon which director Zack Snyder drew much inspiration for. That turned out to be not true.

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As production continued, and the release date neared, the rumors began to turn towards Malone actually portraying Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl. And that thought has carried up through the first official reveal of the character in the recently released Ultimate Edition trailer. But today, we can tell you that isn't true either. A copy of the Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition has leaked online and is starting to spread like a wild fire. And amongst the revelations this new version contains is the exact identity of Jena Malone's character. Malone is not Kelly or Gordon. Here's a description of her role, which reveals her official name.

"[She is] a S.T.A.R. Labs forensic scientist named Jenet Klyburn who helps Lois Lane figure out the mysteries behind that bullet she recovered from the desert." 

This is backed up by a leaked video that first appeared on Reddit, containing the actual end credits. And they do, in fact, confirm this character's name is Jenet Klyburn. Though the video has been removed for infringing on copyright, it sounds like this long running mystery has finally been resolved. Though it clearly isn't as exciting as fans had hoped. And with it being somewhat on the mundane side, there isn't any wonder why it got cut. Even if it does help cap a plot hole apparent in the theatrical cut that most people will have seen.

Since the movie's release, many have wondered what Lex Luthor's bullets have to do with anything. There were plenty of other disjointed plot elements sprinkled throughout the movie, and it's one reason so many critics had a problem with the finished product. Clearly, this version corrects some of the more glaring issues. And the Ultimate Edition may just become the definitive version of the movie over the course of time. But we're betting there will be a lot of haters too. Ultimately, though, all the speculation and rumors swirling around Jena Malone turned out to be funner than what was in the actual movie. And perhaps that's why we're not hearing the bland truth until now.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange