As production continues on the Chicago portion of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's shoot, an intriguing new photo from the set reveals that DC Comics character Kahina may be a part of the story. Take a look at the image from Filming Chicago below.

In the DC Comics, Kahina is a member of a group known as The Others, who was tasked with hunting down Aquaman villain Black Manta. Kahina is described as a seer who has visions of the future. We know now that Jason Momoa is playing Aquaman in this superhero ensemble, but it isn't known if his story is linked to this mysterious Kahina.

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Of course, we have no clue who is actually playing Kahina, but it's worth noting that actress Jena Malone was finally confirmed for an unspecified role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, just a few weeks after she was first spotted on the set with director Zack Snyder. While many have speculated that she is playing the female Robin, Carrie Kelly, her exact role has still not been confirmed yet. Do the fans have it wrong? Is Jena Malone actually playing Kahina? We may know if set photos surface over the weekend featuring the actress.

Filming is currently happening at the Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago, and Henry Cavill was spotted there suited up as Superman. We have a couple of those images to go along with the Kahina photo. Take a look: